What is CCTV?

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CCTV stands for “closed-circuit television”.  CCTV is generally used to send analog video signals from cameras to recording devices and/or monitoring devices.  Analog video signals are transmitted over coaxial cables that connect each camera to the recording or monitoring devices. A CCTV Video Surveillance System utilizes the analog video technology which doesn’t have the resolutions that are available in a digital video surveillance system, but generally enjoy a 25% price advantage. For our clients in Orange County and Los Angeles, these...

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What is Access Control?

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“Access control” is a term used to describe a system that monitors and controls the movement and entry of personnel, information, or equipment within a facility. Access control systems can range from a simple deadbolt on a door to a system that utilizes biometric devices like fingerprint readers. The range depends on the size of the building, how secure the facility/information needs to be, and budget. These systems are used to keep your facility, employees, information, and visitors safe and secure. Access control systems can also help...

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What is Building Automation?

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The phrase “building automation” refers to an intelligent network of programmable controllers and software that monitors and controls mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. It can also control indoor and outdoor lighting in a building. Simply put, building automation means that equipment is installed that makes your building run more efficiently, usually resulting in decreased costs. This is also sometimes called an “energy management system”. The main reason most of our Orange County and Los Angeles clients choose to...

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Find Sielox’s new browser based product at Diversified

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Looking for a web and browser based security solution to alleviate IT resources? With Sielox’s new browser-based product, you can manage your buildings access control anytime, and anywhere. According to the Sielox data sheet: “Anyware utilizes an IT-friendly network appliance – ready to configure in a matter of minutes. Using conjunction with Sielox’s industry-leading IP-ready 1700 controllers, Anyware provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use yet robust access control feature set Uncomplicated access control at your fingertips. Control and...

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Welcome to Diversified Automation’s blog!

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Thank you for stopping by our blog. Here we will share insight, examples, and other useful information for building owners, such as: how to make you buildings more secure with access control solutions, how to optimize your buildings energy management to reduce costs and waste, as well as how to implement CCTV systems and solutions. We hope you find the information valuable, and encourage questions and comments. You can contact us by visiting the ‘contact us’ page on our website.

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