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Building automation systems optimize the performance and maintenance of multiple building control systems including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning  (HVAC) as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. Diversified Automation’s suite of products enables building owners and managers to integrate, automate, and manage their building easily and efficiently by combining them onto one network and one computer graphical user interface using automation software.  Building Automation systems greatly increase occupant comfort, lowers energy use, and allows off-site building control from anywhere in the world.

What is Building Automation? – The term Building Automation refers to a network of intelligent electronic controllers that are designed and programmed to control and monitor energy management, mechanical, and lighting control systems in a building. The goal is to create an intelligent building that controls and integrates the various subsystems of a building in a productive, safe and efficient manner and to reduce energy and maintenance costs. With Diversified’s automation control solutions, customer’s can be assured that their building is running as efficiently as possible at all times.

At Diversified Automation, we are diligent in our desire to provide the customer with top-notch automation systems and services. We provide this through careful recruitment of our staff, as well as continued dedication to on-going training. Our technicians are highly qualified and receive regular hands-on training in system automation so that they can keep your systems running reliably and effectively.

Purposeful Maintenance Will Save You $$$ – Your car needs oil changes and your house needs painting. It’s just the facts of life if you want to keep everything working as it should. It may sound old-fashioned, but a well-oiled machine runs better, longer, for less money. The real cost-savings of our systems requires regular maintenance by appropriately trained technicians. Whether you need an out-sourced professional maintenance staff, or just want to supplement your on-site crew, Diversified Automation staff will help you discover and correct problems and irregularities to your building systems. Our highly-skilled technicians will keep your building running smoothly and guarantee that the financial benefits are clear to your bottom line! Not to mention that they’ll keep your customers and staff in the comfort and style our system has allowed them to become accustomed to!

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“Diversified Automation’s building automation system created an 11.2% expense reduction of $203,000 per year AND they gave us a return on our investment in 2.2 years.” Jim Weatherbie, Pacific Design Center

“When I have a service call, I know Diversified Automation will be there and I know my problem will be solved.” David Sinclair, Chief Engineer – ABM Engineering