Find Sielox’s new browser based product at Diversified


Looking for a web and browser based security solution to alleviate IT resources? With Sielox’s new browser-based product, you can manage your buildings access control anytime, and anywhere.
According to the Sielox data sheet:

“Anyware utilizes an IT-friendly network appliance – ready to configure in a matter of minutes. Using conjunction with Sielox’s industry-leading IP-ready 1700 controllers, Anyware provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use yet robust access control feature set

Uncomplicated access control at your fingertips. Control and manage your business’s security requirements from your desktop, tablet or mobile device through virtually any web browser. You’re in control – you can easily deploy, manage and expand your access control requirements on the fly.”

Sielox’s AnyWare has impressive new features including:

  • Browser-based Access Control
  • Proven security foundation Cost-effective solution – no software to install
  • Browser-based network appliance
  • Simple yet scalable access control monitoring and management
  • Desktop, tablet or mobile device are accessible through any browser

If you are looking to control and manage your business from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device through any web browser, feel free to contact us and find out how we can help.