What is Access Control?

“Access control” is a term used to describe a system that monitors and controls the movement and entry of personnel, information, or equipment within a facility. Access control systems can range from a simple deadbolt on a door to a system that utilizes biometric devices like fingerprint readers. The range depends on the size of the building, how secure the facility/information needs to be, and budget. These systems are used to keep your facility, employees, information, and visitors safe and secure.

Access control systems can also help building owners to reduce costs, maintain security, and provide reporting on personnel activities. As is the case with most of our Orange County and Los Angeles clients, business and building owners choose to install an access control system because it allows them to secure and protect their business, and provide a productive and safe working environment.

The components of a good access controls system can include: card readers, electric door locks (wired or wireless), door contacts, exit devices and software that is used to configure and manage the system. In addition, video surveillance cameras systems may also be used for enhanced security. These type of systems usually require an experienced system integrator that can design, install and commission tasks.

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