What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for “closed-circuit television”.  CCTV is generally used to send analog video signals from cameras to recording devices and/or monitoring devices.  Analog video signals are transmitted over coaxial cables that connect each camera to the recording or monitoring devices.

A CCTV Video Surveillance System utilizes the analog video technology which doesn’t have the resolutions that are available in a digital video surveillance system, but generally enjoy a 25% price advantage.

For our clients in Orange County and Los Angeles, these types of systems are generally used in large commercial buildings including:

  • High rise buildings in downtown Los Angeles
  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Retail locations
  • Military Installations

CCTV systems are also ideal for remote or hazardous location where it is difficult or inefficient for people to be present.

The reasons why building owners choose to install a CCTV security system are usually to increase customer service, to protect vital company assets, and reduce exposure to fraud and employee misconduct. Installing a CCTV system will help increase the effectiveness of your access control system, and give you an added level of insight into the performance (and how to improve profitability) of your building. CCTV systems also allow facility managers and security managers to quickly asses and troubleshoot facility security and operations.

CCTV systems can range from black and white single monitor solutions, to cameras that track movement based on Infrared signatures over a wireless network. The complexity of the solution depends on the security needs of a client or building.  A reliable systems integrator can help you design a comprehensive system that will compliment your buildings existing infrastructure, while increasing overall security.

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